We all know it – Noobs are constantly being taken advantage of by a very unforgiving terrain when it comes to getting involved in Blockchain (Crypto) investment. While there remains a lucrative opportunity for investment profits, the equal opposite is also true, which is a lucrative opportunity to lose money easier and quicker than your Mom can bake a cake

Our mission is to provide a place that noobs, crypto cowboys and experienced cryptonauts can call home. For the noobs, it’s a place where they can come to learn, belong and be given the advantage of a head start, while for the more experienced crypto cowboys and cryptonauts, it’s a place where they can come to contribute, share their hard-earned knowledge and be rewarded for their contribution.

CryptoHub is a web based educational
platform which contains:

Video Tutorials

Up to date, weekly video tutorials covering everything from the basics.

Written Guides

Get access to a myriad of written guides and pictured tutorials.

Weekly Hints

Get fresh updates on what's hot in Crypto, Latest ICO's, Latest News and a whole lot more.

Professional Tips

Get hints and tips from some of the most experienced Investors and Traders in the Crypto World


Cryptohub is on a Mission You can become part of it

We are here to serve. It’s blatantly obvious that someone needs to bring sound, solid and informative
training to the unlearned adventurers and newcomers (what we all call Noobs) who are either jumping in
with both feet or just testing the waters when it comes to getting involved in “Crypto Land”.

30th September 2018 -

Private Seed Funding Round

January 2019 -

Presale Launches

June 2019 - CryptoHub Subscription Platform Beta

October 2019 -

CryptoHub Social Platform Beta

30th August 2018 -

Private Seed Funding Round

30th October 2018 -

Private Seed Funding Round

February 2019 - ICO Launches




CryptoHub’s educational platform is web based which contains Video Tutorials, Written Guides and Weekly Hints and Tips provided by experienced members of the CryptoHub Community.

General Topics Covered:
  • General Overviews of the Crypto Space
  • Basic Setup of Available Wallets
  • Security Measures & Precautions
  • Types of Risks and Hazards (i.e. Phishing Sites etc.)
  • Scam Watch – Specifics of Known Scam Sites
  • Navigating Reliable Websites and Resources
  • Specific Research on Chosen Blockchain Projects
  • Investing Principles
  • Popular and Trusted Exchanges Vs Other Exchanges
  • Specific Tutorials on Trusted Exchanges
  • Investing in ICO’s
  • Trading on Exchanges and Margin Trading
  • Methods of Getting Fiat Money In and Back Out
  • Mining & Staking General Principles
  • Mining Tutorials & Resource Guides
  • Premium Membership With 1 on 1 Consulting
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It has been said that the simpler a system is, the easier it is to duplicate and therefore can be scaled without the challenges that are encountered with a sophisticated or complicated approach. In our modern-day society with all its advancements we have somehow equated complication with value. In fact, the opposite is true on most occasions. Understandably, some technical advances require sophistication, however the temptation to complicate what should be simple is evident in every day life.

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Our Scope of Market? The World.

We are currently developing the video tutorials and content for the education
hub. Along with this development includes translation services, voiceover talent,
and subtitles in several languages including but not limited to:

Total Token Supply Allocation

Fixed Supply of 100,000,000,000 Tokens.

Distribution of Hub-Token

100,000,000,000 HUB Tokens

100,000,000,000 HUB Tokens will be created and used as the currency for CryptoHub's Education and Training Platform.

No further Tokens

Pre-Sale Price for Tokens will be at a reduced rate flat fee of $0.0020 USD.

ICO Price: $0.0030 USD

No further tokens will be created for the platform, ever.


Our Bonus Program

25% Bonus

Seed Round Backers who invest before the Pre-Sale will receive a 25% Bonus

20% Bonus

Pre-Sale Backers who invest before the ICO will receive a 20% Bonus

17% Bonus

ICO Backers who invest in the first 3 days of the ICO will receive a 17% Bonus



CryptoHub's team is diverse, talented and full of drive. We thrive on challenge and we stay positive,
regardless of the weather. Faith always precedes the miracle.

Bill Pollock

Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Drake International

"After knowing Justin for approximately 15 years, all I can say is this; Anyone can have a grand idea. How rare it is to find someone who has the insight and forethought to spot a worthwhile opportunity ahead of time, but also possesses the drive, resourcefulness and the required flexibility to do whatever it takes to get a result. In business, it’s all about results. I’d have to say that Justin certainly possesses these rare qualities that produce results. Whatever the man touches seems to prosper. In any venture, more often than not, it’s the people behind the idea that drive it forward, not the idea in and of itself. From my own experience, I’ve found that whatever project Justin is invested in, it’s worth strongly investigating at the very least."

Established in Winnipeg in 1951, Drake operates in 12 countries around the world. Learn more

cryptohub Team

CryptoHub's team is diverse, talented and full of drive. We thrive on challenge and we stay positive,
regardless of the weather. Faith always precedes the miracle.

Justin Gambino


Justin's passionate about bringing ideas into reality. Being involved in Crypto since late 2012 to early 2013 Justin

has been through the ups and downs of Crypto, investing in Ethereum’s ICO and several others since then. Justin resides on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. MORE

Ksenia Demidova

Product Innovation & Branding

Ksenia is Russian born and raised, later calling Australia home. Ksenia's strong creative background makes for an

innovative thinker and holds a high regard for branding excellence and intelligent marketing. MORE

Jace Vernon

Video Production & Online Marketing

Born in the USA...no, not the song written by Bruce Springsteen, but literally,

Jace resides in the state of Utah in the USA. Establishing several multi-million dollar enterprises with clients such as Disney, Verizon and a host of other cutting edge clients, Jace is passionate about helping company’s deliver a powerful and clear message about their products and services. MORE

Timo Malzbender

Graphic & UI/UX Design

Timo is an absolute Whiz when it comes to taking design ideas and making them stand out, full of punch and easy to

navigate for users and online visitors. Timo uses his German Engineering skills to the max. You guessed it, Timo resides in Germany. MORE

Sundar Subramanyan

Blockchain Development

Sundar carries a wealth of experience when it comes to developing teams of technical expertise.

With over 20 years in developing banking and institutional trading platforms, Sundar’s domains of technical experience includes Trade Processing, Securities Trading, Derivatives, Mutual Fund Analysis, Compliance and a host of other financial technologies with clients such as NASDAQ Japan, Merrill Lynch, Lipper, Reuters, Bear Stearns, United Overseas Bank - Singapore, Direct Mortgage Corp and many more. Spending many years in the USA, Sundar now resides in his country of origin, being India....and no, he doesn’t do Yoga (in case you were wondering). MORE

Morgan Viscardi

Liquidity Partnerships and Investor Outreach

Morgan is the Master Rapport Builder. Everyone seems to love him. What a skilll. There's no wall he can't get

through and slipping past gatekeepers to get to key decision makers is one of his strongest abilities. If you need to get a message to Garcia, then Morgan’s your man. Italian born and raised, Morgan resides in Australia…we still don’t know if he’s a family member of the Mafia yet or not. MORE

cryptohub Advisors - Applications Open for Advisors - Apply NOW

Des Landen

Liquidity Partner and OTC Broker

Des just seems to know everybody, no matter where you go. With a network of high net worth contacts, it seems

every ICO Partnership is out to get him on the team.....but, he’s picky about who he works with. Des became involved in Crypto projects back in 2012 and since then he’s aligned with some of the most influential personalities in the Crypto World from around the globe, not to mention the Hedge Fund Managers. If you’re looking for a few hundred thousand Bitcoins to purchase.... you know who to call. Des resides on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia...and if you can’t reach him, it’s because he’s probably driving his golf buggy somewhere around Hope Island (If you don’t know where Hope Island is, ask a golfer). MORE

We may not be excessively large,
but our gravitational pull is strong!

We've kept the CryptoHub Team small for obvious reasons... in case you don't know.

a) A study done by consultancy QSM in 2005 seems to indicate that smaller teams are more efficient than larger teams. Not just a little more efficient, but dramatically more efficient. QSM maintains a database of 4000+ projects. For this study they looked at 564 information systems projects done since 2002. To complete projects of 100,000 equivalent source lines of code (a measure of the size of the project) they found the large teams took 8.92 months, and the small teams took 9.12 months. In other words, the large teams just barely (by a week or so) beat the small teams in finishing the project! Read the full report here:

b) Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has a famous two-pizza team rule, that teams shouldn’t be larger than what two pizzas can feed. He goes on to say that more communication isn’t necessarily the solution to communication problems — it’s how it is carried out. Compare the interactions at a small dinner — or pizza — party with a larger gathering like a wedding. As group size grows, you simply can’t have as meaningful of a conversation with every person, which is why people start clumping off into smaller clusters to chat.

For Bezos, small teams make it easier to communicate more effectively rather than more, to stay decentralized and moving fast, and encourage high autonomy and innovation. Read the full article here:

c) King David defeated Goliath with only a sling and a few small stones.

d) We didn't want to fill our ICO Page with a bunch of filler profiles to make us look big. Bullshit is rampant. We don't like bullshit.

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing is our secret project destined to change the game for everyone.
We aren't able to reveal it just yet, but once the International Patent has been approved,
you're going to wish you jumped on this train. Choo Choo! All Aboard!